Thursday, 22 January 2015

Cutie glimpses of 2014

What can I say- I've neglected this poor little blog quite a bit...

Nevertheless, I'd like to share a few cute moments of 2014: 

~ cute 1o9 anniversary art ~

~ super kawaii dessert at the Little Twin Stars limited guest cafe in Shibuya ~
 They had the cutest menu but everything was rather a little average tasting...

~ adorable Creamy Mami-chan at the Roppongi dolly exhibition ~
~ other "guests" on display: beloved Licca-chan... ~ 
~ ... and these teeny-tiny vintage critters ~

~ Last picture for today is one of my favorite places in Shinjuku - a small cafe at Lumine. I think it's the same floor as Starbucks but so much more cozy and cute~~~ 

Thank you so much for still reading & following 

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Japanese drug store cutesy

Some of you lovelies may already know it from earlier entries- I love browsing through drug stores, especially in Japan! 
I can easily spend hours looking at all the stylish beauty goodies- which I do unless I'm in non girly company... Even if I end up buying nothing, it's still fun to inspect the cutely designed products and displays~

Nutritious hand cream~ cutest presentation ever 

Nail care essence treatment~ tiny gel patches for nice nails & cuticles. 
Contact lenses solution in limited Rirakkuma packaging.
Tooth cleaning sheets... 
Facial cleansing lotion~ limited Disney Princess edition with original cotton rounds
More mangaesque cuteness...
Sailor Moon "slim pencil eyeliner"
~ Waaant!!!
As you can see below, I didn't leave the store empty handed this time: "Little Witch Moteliner", eyeliner for sensitive eyes in dolly brown, pastel pink nail polish & a tiny accent eyelash curler- 
mini reviews coming soon

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Late puchi pink blossom post

It seems, blogging just isn't a priority for me lately... sorry, dears But I'm back ギリギリ in time for a super late sakura post. 

I just love this season in Japan so much- the whole country seems to turn in powder-puffy-pink dream wonderland

All the shops are well stocked with cute, pink goodies~

Sakura time usually means spring time and it's finally warm enough to enjoy some yummy snacks outside~ 

Unfortunately, this year's spring arrival was a rather chilly one but again, fast food chains and cafes brought out cherry blossom themed snacks just in time. 

The cherry blossom float was nice but
 it had a slightly chemical aftertaste...
 Savory sweet Sakura & Teriyaki Burger.

Securing a window seat with a nice view is nearly impossible during Sakura season in busy Tokyo- so I always make sure to take my blossom filled pics before entering the cafe... *sigh*

There are many other options to enjoy pink goodness still~

I highly recommend the above mini cheese cake set as a pressie to bring from Japan (available at Shiseido Parlour, Ginza). The art deco design of the box is just too cute. It contains 3 tiny, dainty and fluffy treats, which taste wonderfully like sakura.

Finishing this rave post with my latest beauty haul: sakura flavored lip gloss and sakura hand cream. The mini cream tube is a Korean product though... I really love the light texture and it just fits my "current" pink mood perfectly

Thank you for reading

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

kawaii kurisumasu~

is it that time of the year already? As some of my lovely blog readers and dear friends may know- I love the holiday season and for now and in future I' ll always try to be home for Christmas.
As I've written before, Japanese Christmas lacks that very special warm and cozy feeling you may know since your childhood days ... I' ll never get used to that missing Christmas spirit. - And I promise, even if you haven't really gotten homesick yet, during december it's unavoidable  

low calorie Christmas cake option ^ω^
- in Japan Christmas is rather a couple/ date thing...
- But Japan never fails to get you in the right holiday mood, providing loads of Christmassy cutesy around every corner:

So even if you are far away from home- enjoy kawaii winter wonderland and all the kirakira deko with newly found friends and a cute Japanese Christmas cake